Tourism After the BP Oil Spill in Louisiana

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill happened on April 20, 2010. Billions of gallons of oil poured into the Gulf of Mexico off of the Louisiana coast. This tragedy did have a harmful impact on the environment and also the tourism industry.

Initially, it was estimated that it take until 2015 before recovery to tourism would even start to happen. BP Oil did provide millions of dollars of marketing money to deliver a message to the world, Louisiana is a safe place to visit. It looks like the marketing worked because here we are five years later and it seems that people are no longer really thinking about what happened in the gulf.

Tourism bounced back after the second year following the oil spill. BP Oil has been working hard to clean up the mess they made. This has resulted in the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Department continuing to open up areas previously closed to commercial and recreational fishing. Yes, now you can charter a boat to take you fishing off of the coast of Louisiana and feel safe about doing it.

Sport fishing is a big attraction on the gulf coast, but there is so much more to do in Louisiana than fish. Mardis Gras is one of the biggest holidays in Louisiana. There will be a celebration in almost every town. The big draw of Mardis Gras is in New Orleans. Millions of people crowd into the French Quarter to celebrate the last big party before Lent. This past year was no exception.

The New Orleans Jazz Festival attracts the biggest acts in the world. Hundreds of thousands of people attend on any given day during the festival. It’s an awesome way to pass a good time down in the bayou.

New Orleans has a lot of festivals, as do the other cities and towns in Louisiana. From Baton Rouge to Lafayette and even Shreveport, all host similar events. New Orleans has a Crawfish Festival. If you miss that one you can attend the CrawFete Gourmet Festival in Baton Rouge or the Mudbug Festival in Shreveport. They have different names but it is all about eating crawfish. The most Cajun crawfish festival is in Beaux Bridge Louisiana. C’est bon!

Bayou tours are a fun way to spend an afternoon. Touring the cypress laden swamps looking for Louisiana wild life, which turns out to be people speeding by on jetskis having a lot of fun. At least that is what the tour guide said. Of course there are alligators and owls to look at as well. If you are unlucky like me, you might end up trying to get rid of a bat from the guesthouse you are staying in for an extra dose of Louisiana wildlife.

Tourism is going strong in Louisiana. BP continues to clean up the remaining areas in the gulf that require it. Meanwhile it is safe to rent a charter to go catch a bunch of Red Snapper. Then when you get back to shore you will find many recipes on the preparation of Red Snapper into something delicious. You don’t have to go fishing to enjoy all the music and arts and culture that Louisiana has to offer, but it is good to have options. No?