There is No Justice for the Oil Spill Victims in Courts, But It’s Not Over

There is No Justice for the Oil Spill Victims in Courts, But It’s Not OverWith the recent decision made by the courts to acquit of the criminal liabilities those who worked at the BP rig at the time of the 2010 disaster, it is safe to say that there is really no justice for the family of the 11 people who died. Based on the acquittal, none of the supervisors or company officials will serve a day behind court after what happened. Some of them have been under community service while others were totally acquitted. There were also those who settled with the family of the victims.

On a more positive note, BP, the company behind the disaster has already spent over $50 billion in payment for the states affected by the disaster. They have also paid over $4 million for the family members of those who were killed during the incident. Though this is a good thing, it still does not provide justice to those who died. There were supervisors who clearly violated the law with how they operated the rig leading to the disaster. There were also those who concealed the evidence in hopes of escaping from any legal liabilities. In the end, none of them will suffer a day behind jail. It is very disappointing, but the fight is far from over.

Help in rebuilding the affected places

Though the court’s ruling can still be appealed, the results will most likely be the same. With big people running the company, it is impossible for justice to be given to the ordinary workers who became victims. If we can’t get justice for those who died through this method, then we can at least help in rebuilding the affected areas and say that justice is still at hand. For sure, those who died during the incident will look down at us and say that their deaths were not meaningless at all. If the world has recovered from the devastation, then they will surely feel satisfied wherever they may be.

Join cleanup drives

Though this is just a small action, it is still a step in helping the seas recover from the devastation. Until now, we can still feel the effects of the disaster. It is important that you join in the process of cleaning the waters up as your small contribution. There are a lot of organizations behind this type of cause and you can always help out. Of course, you need to be physically prepared for the challenge. As such, it is important that you stay fit and go for intense exercise routines. Helping in this cause will require physical strength. If you hit the gym and do intense exercises like cross fit, then you will be more prepared for the challenge. You can also buy top crossfit shoes to be used during the exercise and even during the cleanup drive. With the help of these best shoes for crossfit for women, you will feel a lot more comfortable.

It might take several years more before the disaster won’t be felt anymore, but we can make baby steps to help out.

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