Traveling To Texas For Work

This is one of my nursing stories from 2010. It was around June or July 2010. I had just became a travel nurse at 24 years old. I am originally from Princeton, New Jersey. I had just left my job as a regular staff nurse at the hospital. Plus, I had just gotten my first assignment as a travel nurse. It was actually a pretty crazy time in my life to be honest.

I enjoy nursing a lot, especially travel nursing. The salary is great and the occupation allows to travel and live in different areas of the United States for several months at a time. I have built a lot of connections for work and valuable work experience in different situations. It is a great occupation for those who want to work in the medical field but do not want to spend so many years in medical school and residency.

My first travel nurse assignment at a small hospital was just outside the Houston, Texas. Bells went off in my head immediately went off in my head. The BP oil spill was all over the news the past couple weeks. It seemed like a horrible situation. That huge oil ship that sunk in the Gulf Of Mexico and millions of pounds of oil leaked into the ocean.

I am sure those toxins are going to reach the beaches of Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, and Alabama. There are bound to be people getting sick from water pollution. I was right. When I got there it was mayhem. I worked in the intensive care unit for adults. My first two months working there were crazy.

A lot of my patients were clean up workers of the oil spill. They were sent by private companies or the state government to clean up the oil that had seeped onto the beaches and been absorbed in the local rivers and lakes. A bunch of them had infections, liver and kidney damage, skin infections, burns, and lesions. Some even has preliminary tumors growing. It was a mad house.

I never thought one disaster out in the middle of the ocean could hurt a group so badly. There were so many different aspects of the nursing profession I dealt with while I was there. It was such a valuable experience. I highly recommend for nurses to help out in situations like that. Even if it is just volunteering for a couple hours. Those patients need the help.  

I am glad I am a travel nurse. I was able to make a difference and really help out. You definitely can too.