Local Spin Gym Fundraising for Oil Spill Recovery

Even though the BP Oil Spill was 5 years ago, marine life as well as local people are still feeling the negative effects that the oil spill left.  The ecosystem has been disrupted, as well as the tourist industry.  Most of the world has moved on to utilizing humanitarian efforts elsewhere, but we still have a need for research to be done and money to be put into testing the water and reinvigorating tourism.

The local business, Spinergy, has taken initiative to begin a fundraising effort to raise money once again that will go towards the aftereffects of the oil spill.  Spinergy is a full-fledged gym dedicated to group fitness classes all kind and are the leaders in spin bike technology and spin bike classes.

According to BikeCompanion.com, they have instated a two-week long program where indoor cyclists (even non-members) can sign up for their spin classes and log their miles.  The idea is that you independently must have people sponsor you and agree to pay a certain amount of money per mile you ride on a spin bike within the two week period.  For example, the asking price is 25 cents per mile, which balances out to approximately $6-7 per class taken.  Of course, your sponsors can decide to go higher or lower than that, there is no real limit.  At the end of the two week period, Spinergy has stated they will match the donated price so that all proceeds can go straight to the Mexican Gulf Stream Water Authority, where water testing procedures are taking place to discern the full extent of damage from the oil spill.

At Spinergy, during the two-week period all spin bike classes will count towards your mileage.  That means everyone has 10 chances a day for 14 days to get down and not only get in a great workout, but raise money for a cause that is near and dear to our hearts.

We talked to one of Spinergy’s owners, John Burns, about why he and his partners decided to hold this fundraiser.  Mr. Burns stated that he had lost his previous business to the oil spill, which was a small gym dedicated to personal training.  He shared that he had a loyal clientele and business was always steady because 25% of his business was tourist based.  Once tourism flopped, it was very hard to make up for the lacking 25% and he needed to close.  Mr. Burns acknowledges that everyone in the area has in some way been affected by the oil spill, and they don’t want people to forget just yet that there isn’t more to be done.  The main goal is to raise awareness that there is still plenty of work that needs to be done to remedy the situation.

Once again, Spinergy is opening up its spin bike facilities to non-members as well for this two-week period, so it is recommended you get in touch and check out what the gym has to offer.  If you’re comfortable with a spin bike exercise, perhaps you can start to get yourself some sponsors and help to reinvigorate our community!