Let’s Not Forget Those Who Died in the BP Oil Spill Disaster

Let’s Not Forget Those Who Died in the BP Oil Spill DisasterSeveral years after the devastating BP oil spill disaster, we still the effects. There were a lot of efforts made to save the environment since the effects were felt in a number of places. These efforts deserve commendations. However, we are still far from reaching our goals. The effects have been far reaching and it might be impossible to put an end to it right now.

Though we have efforts to save the environment after what happened, the more important thing for us to do is to also look back and think of those who died during the disaster. There were 11 men killed during the incident. Some of them were trapped inside and some others did not survive the fire. We always think about the effects to the environment, but we barely stop to think of those who sacrificed their lives during the accident.

A moment of silence

Wherever we are, we can find a way to just stop for a while and be quiet. Let us remember those people and thank them for their sacrifices. They might have lost their lives, but they will always be remembered. You may not have known them, but they were all strong people who happened to have been trapped in such a situation and were not able to come out alive.

Visit the site

There are areas located near the site of the tragedy where people can stop by and visit. This is in memory of those who have lost their lives. If you are in the area, you can go there and pay a visit. It is also a way of showing your support to the causes made after the incident. You can even see the progress in the area years after the incident. It can be an educational trip too.

Planning the trip

If you wish to make this trip happen, then you can arrange everything ahead of time. Ground zero is of course restricted from public access. However, there areas nearby that you can visit. If you are bringing your baby, make sure that he is protected. If possible, don’t come too close to areas that are still considered toxic. You should also wear mask if possible. Your baby must be placed in the best double strollers for toddlers. They come with a cover that can be closed or opened. This will keep your baby safe while you are in the area. If you don’t have one right now, you can always check out double stroller reviews online and find out the best option.

Be a part of the change

We can’t do anything to bring back what has happened before. However, we can always find a way to make things better. You can join organizations that are focused on cleaning up the area and other areas affected. You can also donate money if you are capable of doing it. There are a lot of small steps that we can do in honor of those who have lost their lives and livelihood due to the tragedy.

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