Oil Spill Updates is a site dedicated to addressing the issues in the Mexican Gulf stemming from the 2010 BP Oil Spill. While some time has passed since the initial oil drill explosion, people who don’t live in the immediate vicinity of the affected areas are not aware that so many marine animals other living organisms are still suffering from the ramifications of the oil spill. We feel that it is our duty to inform the general public about what’s been going on so that history does not repeat itself and companies are held accountable from the moment the issue happens so that the recovery process does not need to be drawn out longer than needed.

In addition to providing people updates about what has been happening in the Gulf of Mexico since the largest oil spill in history, we provide our readers with tangible solutions to the issues caused by the spill. For those who live near the affected areas and those who plan to visit in the near future, we offer financial, health, home, and travel tips. Being fully informed about the possible damage the oil spill could have on you and your family’s health is imperative, and if you have been affected by the spill, you might be interested to learn more about recent court rulings and ways to make claims to the settlement. If you are interested in assisting in the effort to restore the gulf to its former state of cleanliness, and if you are passionate about learning more about the species that have been affected by the oil spill, we also offer some tips about education options so you can procure the proper degrees to make a larger difference in these issues.

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