Get Your Financial House in Order – A Lesson From the BP Oil Spill

Oil spills happen, we wish they didn’t but of the many reasons we all hope they don’t happen, personal finances are not one of them. The BP oil spill in 2010 is an example to us, a lesson to be re-learned: Risk is real and it ought to be handled, not neglected.

Our monetary lives are at risk every day and, although we can’t get rid of those threats completely, we can and need to construct our own air-tight contingency plan to minimize the effect or lessen the damage if something were to happen.

This comes down to having the proper safeguards in place which for the most part means having the proper insurance in place for your family. To get some insight into being properly insured in the case of a disaster such as an oil spill we spoke with Brandon Roerick who is the owner of Hometown Benefits Group. They are known for offering the best health insurance in Springfield, MO, the best dental insurance in Missouri but they have also assisted many in getting proper insurance to protect their homes from natural disasters like tornados and other things. The insurance needed for those types of disasters are the same as what you would need to insure against say an oil spill like the BP oil spill of 2010.

Here are a few risk-reducing techniques to assist in helping secure you and your family:

Arrange Your Household Records

Do you know where your vital papers are?

Your crucial documents include personal and monetary records such as marriage certifications, birth/death records, insurance coverage, tax returns, wills, property records, passports, etc.

Assembling all of these necessary life documents in a central place – like a personal records organizer – can save you and your household time, money and unneeded tension. These essential records may be needed for filing insurance claims, receiving medical treatment or in the case of an emergency, death or special needs.

Develop a master list of all of the originals and ensure there are copies of each. Keep your originals in a safety deposit box or fireproof lock box in the house. Provide a copy of your master list and documents to a relative and/or attorney.

Evaluate Your Current Insurance Protection

Do you have sufficient insurance coverage in the case of an oil spill, flood, hurricane, tornado, etc? Depending on where you live, you need to be sure you are insured against events that are outside of your control that could cause damage to your property.

Financial catastrophe can hit your family in various forms – the damage of your house (tornado, flood), the inability to work because of injury or illness, or the death of the family breadwinner.

Evaluation of your existing insurance coverage- life, special needs, long-term care, auto, homeowners and umbrella is vital. Are the protection amounts adequate to secure your family, not just for today, but for the long term? If you only carry coverage through your company, consider personal policies to keep you secured if you alter or lose jobs.

Many people who had jobs that had to do with the fishing industry were left without jobs either permanently or temporarily after the oil spill in 2010. The same thing could happen if your place of employment was hit by a hurricane, tornado, flood or even a riot. These things are not in your control, but you can have a plan and insurance if these were to take place so that you and your family are protected and taken care of during times of crisis like this.

Update Your Estate Plan Documents

Everybody has an estate. Your estate preparing documents supply instructions for the disposition of your assets upon death, establish guardianship for your kids and/or select somebody to represent you if you end up being incapacitated. If you don’t do the planning yourself, the state in which you live will essentially do the preparation for you – according to state law. This is not a recommended way to have your estate handled by any means.

Your files must be evaluated frequently and each time there are important life modifications: retirement; transferring to another state; marital relationship; divorce; brand-new kids; death of a partner, etc then they must be updated.

In addition to a will, basic estate preparing documents consist of medical directives such as:.

Living will: You define treatment you wish to receive if you can not speak for yourself.

Healthcare power of attorney: You select someone making health care choices on your behalf when you can not.

Estate preparation does not have to be a complicated thing, though. There are online resources that are helpful for getting things going. Please get in touch with an attorney for particular recommendations.

Who pays the price when you cannot effectively manage threat?

We cannot forecast the future, but we can put the time in now to prepare our personal “contingency” plan for the numerous monetary risks swirling around us that we can not control.

Spend some time to get your monetary home and life in order and learn a lesson from the BP oil disaster: A little planning now can make a huge difference later on.

Traveling To Texas For Work

This is one of my nursing stories from 2010. It was around June or July 2010. I had just became a travel nurse at 24 years old. I am originally from Princeton, New Jersey. I had just left my job as a regular staff nurse at the hospital. Plus, I had just gotten my first assignment as a travel nurse. It was actually a pretty crazy time in my life to be honest.

I enjoy nursing a lot, especially travel nursing. The salary is great and the occupation allows to travel and live in different areas of the United States for several months at a time. I have built a lot of connections for work and valuable work experience in different situations. It is a great occupation for those who want to work in the medical field but do not want to spend so many years in medical school and residency.

My first travel nurse assignment at a small hospital was just outside the Houston, Texas. Bells went off in my head immediately went off in my head. The BP oil spill was all over the news the past couple weeks. It seemed like a horrible situation. That huge oil ship that sunk in the Gulf Of Mexico and millions of pounds of oil leaked into the ocean.

I am sure those toxins are going to reach the beaches of Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, and Alabama. There are bound to be people getting sick from water pollution. I was right. When I got there it was mayhem. I worked in the intensive care unit for adults. My first two months working there were crazy.

A lot of my patients were clean up workers of the oil spill. They were sent by private companies or the state government to clean up the oil that had seeped onto the beaches and been absorbed in the local rivers and lakes. A bunch of them had infections, liver and kidney damage, skin infections, burns, and lesions. Some even has preliminary tumors growing. It was a mad house.

I never thought one disaster out in the middle of the ocean could hurt a group so badly. There were so many different aspects of the nursing profession I dealt with while I was there. It was such a valuable experience. I highly recommend for nurses to help out in situations like that. Even if it is just volunteering for a couple hours. Those patients need the help.  

I am glad I am a travel nurse. I was able to make a difference and really help out. You definitely can too.

Be Physically Prepared to Survive Unexpected Disasters

Be Physically Prepared to Survive Unexpected Disasters There are disasters that we can somehow prepare for. Weather related disasters can be forecasted so you can evacuate whenever necessary. However, there are disasters that you just can’t tell when it could happen. This is usually true for manmade disasters. One of them is the BP oil spill in 2010. It was such an unexpected disaster considering the safety measures imposed in the rig. Despite all the security measures, the unexpected still happened and it caused the death of 11 people. The truth is that there is really no way to determine when all these tragedies can happen. The only thing that you can hope for is to find a way out should you face these difficult times.

Keep running

The first thing that you need to do when you are trapped in such a situation is to run really fast. You have to understand that time is limited. The best thing that you can do is to get out of the affected area as fast as you can. Whether it is for earthquake, fire or flood, you need to gather all the strength you can muster to get out of a delicate area and move to a safer place. There are a lot of people who survived disasters because they were able to run really fast. As soon as they have kept themselves safe, then they rested and waited for help. If you are physically weak, then you might not come out alive.

Be prepared

This is why you need to be physically active. You need to make sure that you are prepared for any possibility. You can’t afford to be slow when disasters strike. When your body is capable of those challenges, then it is easier for you to survive. Hit the gym whenever possible so you will have muscle strength to carry on. If not, you can also run around your local park whenever you have time. If you really are busy, then just go for heavy household chores. They will also prepare you for physical challenges.

For instance, you can practice using a chainsaw if you wanted to have the necessary arm strength. It might seem weird, but this learning how to be physically ready and surviving a disaster at the same time. You can check out the best chainsaw for sale online if you don’t have one as of the moment. There are best chainsaws for heavy use that are perfect for this goal. It takes time before you can achieve your goal, but when you do, it is easy to see the results you always wanted to see.

Just survive

When the worst of the situations happen, the first thing that you have to think of is how to survive. As long as you can move fast and get away from ground zero as much as possible, then do it. No one else will tell you what to do. In this kind of situation, you can just rely on your physical strength to survive.

Let’s Not Forget Those Who Died in the BP Oil Spill Disaster

Let’s Not Forget Those Who Died in the BP Oil Spill DisasterSeveral years after the devastating BP oil spill disaster, we still the effects. There were a lot of efforts made to save the environment since the effects were felt in a number of places. These efforts deserve commendations. However, we are still far from reaching our goals. The effects have been far reaching and it might be impossible to put an end to it right now.

Though we have efforts to save the environment after what happened, the more important thing for us to do is to also look back and think of those who died during the disaster. There were 11 men killed during the incident. Some of them were trapped inside and some others did not survive the fire. We always think about the effects to the environment, but we barely stop to think of those who sacrificed their lives during the accident.

A moment of silence

Wherever we are, we can find a way to just stop for a while and be quiet. Let us remember those people and thank them for their sacrifices. They might have lost their lives, but they will always be remembered. You may not have known them, but they were all strong people who happened to have been trapped in such a situation and were not able to come out alive.

Visit the site

There are areas located near the site of the tragedy where people can stop by and visit. This is in memory of those who have lost their lives. If you are in the area, you can go there and pay a visit. It is also a way of showing your support to the causes made after the incident. You can even see the progress in the area years after the incident. It can be an educational trip too.

Planning the trip

If you wish to make this trip happen, then you can arrange everything ahead of time. Ground zero is of course restricted from public access. However, there areas nearby that you can visit. If you are bringing your baby, make sure that he is protected. If possible, don’t come too close to areas that are still considered toxic. You should also wear mask if possible. Your baby must be placed in the best double strollers for toddlers. They come with a cover that can be closed or opened. This will keep your baby safe while you are in the area. If you don’t have one right now, you can always check out double stroller reviews online and find out the best option.

Be a part of the change

We can’t do anything to bring back what has happened before. However, we can always find a way to make things better. You can join organizations that are focused on cleaning up the area and other areas affected. You can also donate money if you are capable of doing it. There are a lot of small steps that we can do in honor of those who have lost their lives and livelihood due to the tragedy.

There is No Justice for the Oil Spill Victims in Courts, But It’s Not Over

There is No Justice for the Oil Spill Victims in Courts, But It’s Not OverWith the recent decision made by the courts to acquit of the criminal liabilities those who worked at the BP rig at the time of the 2010 disaster, it is safe to say that there is really no justice for the family of the 11 people who died. Based on the acquittal, none of the supervisors or company officials will serve a day behind court after what happened. Some of them have been under community service while others were totally acquitted. There were also those who settled with the family of the victims.

On a more positive note, BP, the company behind the disaster has already spent over $50 billion in payment for the states affected by the disaster. They have also paid over $4 million for the family members of those who were killed during the incident. Though this is a good thing, it still does not provide justice to those who died. There were supervisors who clearly violated the law with how they operated the rig leading to the disaster. There were also those who concealed the evidence in hopes of escaping from any legal liabilities. In the end, none of them will suffer a day behind jail. It is very disappointing, but the fight is far from over.

Help in rebuilding the affected places

Though the court’s ruling can still be appealed, the results will most likely be the same. With big people running the company, it is impossible for justice to be given to the ordinary workers who became victims. If we can’t get justice for those who died through this method, then we can at least help in rebuilding the affected areas and say that justice is still at hand. For sure, those who died during the incident will look down at us and say that their deaths were not meaningless at all. If the world has recovered from the devastation, then they will surely feel satisfied wherever they may be.

Join cleanup drives

Though this is just a small action, it is still a step in helping the seas recover from the devastation. Until now, we can still feel the effects of the disaster. It is important that you join in the process of cleaning the waters up as your small contribution. There are a lot of organizations behind this type of cause and you can always help out. Of course, you need to be physically prepared for the challenge. As such, it is important that you stay fit and go for intense exercise routines. Helping in this cause will require physical strength. If you hit the gym and do intense exercises like cross fit, then you will be more prepared for the challenge. You can also buy top crossfit shoes to be used during the exercise and even during the cleanup drive. With the help of these best shoes for crossfit for women, you will feel a lot more comfortable.

It might take several years more before the disaster won’t be felt anymore, but we can make baby steps to help out.

Does Turning Vegetarian Really Help Save the Earth?


Does Turning Vegetarian Really Help Save the EarthWe are all interconnected in this world. Our actions may have positive or negative consequences to other people or other creatures. In fact, this has been heightened lately especially with the alarming news on global warming. Extreme weather conditions can now be felt in various parts of the world. Add to that some tragedies caused by human activities. One of the most tragic disasters is the BP oil spill a few years ago. It has been several years since the tragedy, but we are not yet close to solving it. Thousands of marine lives have been wasted. A lot of people were displaced and billions of dollars were lost.


Of course, you can’t be on the forefront to help clean up the ocean. You can express your support in small ways though. One of them is by becoming a vegetarian. This might seem like a crazy way of supporting the cause, but some people believe it works. Imagine if you stop eating animals. They continue to reproduce. If we stop harvesting fishes in the ocean, then we give them time to recover especially after tragedies and calamities. This might seem like a crazy idea, but always remember that we are all connected together. If we help each other survive, then we preserve everything for the future generation.

Go for healthier options

It might be difficult at first, but there are a lot of options that are still tasty, but are healthier. For instance, you can go for vegetables cooked in such a way that the flavors will still come out. You can also look for fruits to satisfy your cravings for something sweet. You can also let go of soda and liquor. Instead, you can go for fruit juices. You can even make your own juice using juicers. Check out the best juicers for sale if you don’t have one as of the moment. You can also check the best juicers online since there are plenty of options available. You can mix and match any type of fruit that you want and you will get the most flavorful juice there is.

It’s not a crazy idea

Some people think that there is no need to sacrifice our love for meat. There is really nothing to be alarmed of. However, the truth is that we are living in a very fragile world. We are pushing a lot of animals to the verge of extinction. We also don’t have enough supplies of food now. Therefore, even if you are just a small part of the chain, the point is that you do your share to help. Even if you just forget about helping the environment, you can still about helping yourself. If you stay healthy, then you become a happier person. If you can’t be a vegetarian for the environment, then at least do it for your health. Again, this might be a drastic move, but it is worth the shot. It will still be satisfying in the end.

The Spill’s Effect on Rice Growing

The Mississippi delta was one of the areas affected by the British Petroleum oil spill. Many livelihoods were affected. As well, much marine life — including bird and mammal life — was killed. But was agriculture and in particular rice growing harmed by the catastrophe? Many people farm rice in the delta, and many people enjoy eating delta-grown rice as it is often an important part of Cajun cuisine. So, lovers of local rice and farmers whose livelihood partly depends on rice-growing are both happy to know that the spill didn’t penetrate far enough up the delta to cause problems with rice growing.

The Mississippi state university has a website that keeps track of rice production in the Mississippi delta area. Their stats show that though there has been a dip in production due to other causes the production has been recovering. Rice grows in fresh water and since the sea water contaminated by the spill would harm rice crops even if it was uncontaminated crops are kept well away from the coastline. Interestingly, there are traditional and modern rice types that are salt tolerant, something near-coastal rice farmers might want to know about if delta rice production takes off in the future.

There was also a massive amount of air pollution from burning of the spill and so on, but even with that crops in 2010 remained largely unaffected.

More of a threat to Delta agricultural practices, in general, is the unsustainable rate of water usage. You’d think the Mississippi River is almost infinite in its ability to produce water for crops, but the aquifer in the area is decreasing dramatically. Even with constantly improving water conservation practices among farmers – such as better plot leveling, earlier maturing rice varieties, and better weed management – the rate of increase in water usage combined with changed weather due to global warming means something will have to give. Either agricultural policy or better water conservation technology or some unknown mix of various factors will be required to maintain production at present levels.

To end on a positive note let’s talk about enjoying our home-grown southern rice – it is great to eat our local foods when possible. As I mentioned before Cajun food can be quite spicy. Meals are often prepared using a decent pressure cooker (like the ones at to speed up the cooking time (better to stay away from some of the older ones). And as southern food is hot it is important to have something to soak up the sometimes intense spiciness between bites. Check out a few recipes gathered here that go beautifully with a side of rice:

Cajun 15-Bean Soup – an extremely nutritious and vegan recipe if you are a lover of spicy but meatless food.

Red Beans and Rice – a very simple and very healthy recipe. There are endless variations of this staple. Man can live on beans and rice alone — okay, but maybe not happily.

Vegan Gumbo – vegan anything is kind of sacrilege to many a southerner but they just may be converted by this tasty variation.

All three of these recipes can be done in a regular cooking pot or — much faster — in a pressure cooker.

Cleaning Up Your Own Space is the Least That You Can Do

Cleaning Up Your Own Space is the Least That You Can DoAfter the 2010 BP oil spill, the cleaning process still continues. The devastation is so huge and it still continues to destroy marine lives. Billions of dollars were already poured into the efforts to clean the waters, but the damage has already been done. Worse, human activities are of no help in cleaning up the ocean. They continue to pollute the waters and even make the sea a dumping site. It is like we have never learned from the tragic oil spill experience at all.

The truth is that it might really be difficult to fully clean up the waters. However, we can do our own little steps to help. There are a lot of organizations dedicated in cleaning up the water. If you have a free time, you can always volunteer and take part in their efforts. If you don’t, then the least that you can do is to clean up your own space.

Practice recycling even at home

Once you have finished cleaning your house, you might just throw away all items you don’t need. You don’t even think about recycling some of them or at least segregating the types of waste materials. If you want to help, then it needs to begin at home. Try to reuse items that are non-disposable and are still useful. You should also have different thrash bins to easily segregate the waste materials. It takes a while to get used to it and it also takes a lot of efforts, but it is something that can be done.

Avoid using toxic chemicals

When cleaning your home, you must avoid using toxic chemicals. When they are washed out, they will ultimately head to the seas and they will contribute in water pollution. You might say that you are using just a small amount. The truth is that if everyone else does the same thing, then the harm could be much bigger. There are organic cleaning materials that you can use.

When it comes to the use of cleaning materials, you can check out the best home carpet cleaner for the money. These items will help you clean your house really quickly. They are safe for your carpets and they have been proven to be effective. A lot of people are using these cleaners because they can do the job fast. You can also check out the best carpet steam cleaner online if you still have no idea which one you need to buy. Once you have the carpet cleaner at home, maintaining the quality of your carpets won’t be that difficult anymore.

Small steps

You don’t have to think about the efforts you are doing to help save the environment when others are not doing anything. You just have to be grateful that you are doing something meaningful. Wherever you may be, you know that you have a huge contribution in making this world a better place. We might not reverse the damages of the oil spill anymore, but we can always find ways to make this world somewhat better.

Wherever You May Be, Take Part in Water Conservation Efforts

Wherever You May Be, Take Part in Water Conservation EffortsThere are a lot of places that have been affected by the BP Oil Spill in 2010. The effects were felt even in places far from ground zero. Hundreds upon thousands of marine lives were lost and thousands of people lost their sources of livelihood. The oil spill has also contaminated the clean drinking water sources in many areas. Though it has vast effects, a lot of people are even unaware of this tragedy. They did not feel the results directly, so they did not feel the need to respond or even take part in any efforts at all. This is why even until now; the devastation can still be felt in many parts of the world. Worse, still a lot of people are suffering from water crisis and those who have lost their livelihood are yet to recover.

You may not be involved directly in cleaning up the affected areas or in helping rebuild the lost livelihood of the people. However, you can always take part in helping conserve water wherever you may be. This is the least that you can do to be one with those who are suffering. You are lucky to not have been affected by this disaster, so you owe it to the rest of the world.

Don’t use more than what you need

Just imagine that for every drop of water you have wasted since you don’t need it, you take it away from those who need it. Be responsible and try to use only what you need. Make sure to close the faucets or shower when they are not in use. You can even reuse the water you have used for other purposes like watering the plants or cleaning the floor. In doing this, you allow others to have a share of clean water too.

Repair broken faucets

Another reason why clean water is wasted is because of broken faucets or showers. You might see them drip, but you just let them drip. It might just be a small amount, but it is a lot when left not repaired. As soon as you see the problem, have it fixed right away. If not, just buy a new one. For instance, if you have broken faucets in the kitchen, then look for the best kitchen faucets to buy. There are a lot of choices available that are within the amount you can afford. You can also check out affordable kitchen faucet reviews  to help you in making a decision. Whether you repair or buy a new faucet, it is still a good decision.

We are one

We might live in different areas and we have different needs right now, but we can always take part in helping those who have water crisis. For some, it might just be pure symbolical, but it still helps. Most of all, make sure that other people know about this. Let them realize the value of conserving water.
If everyone takes these small steps, they can grow bigger and produce massive results.

Join the Cleanup Drive of the Mexican Gulf

Join the Cleanup Drive of the Mexican GulfSeveral years after the Mexican Gulf oil spill, the waters are still polluted. There are still remnants that affect the quality of the water in the area. Worse, it has spread in various parts of the world already. There might have been efforts to salvage the waters affected, but they have not been enough. To make things even worse, there have been several other problems that arose such as more garbage piling up in the area and in many other shores across the world,

We might have thought that the oil spill was the worst. The truth is that there are a lot of human activities that have damaged the environment and we are not even aware of it. The oil spill might have made headlines, but the other ways of how we hurt the environment have not. This is why you need to do your share. In one way or another, you have also been a contributor to this pollution. You may not be aware of it, but you do. As such, you need to take part in activities like cleaning up of the shores just to help gradually clean them up.


Serious endeavors

There are a lot of organizations out there that are doing cleanup drives. You might say that the ocean is too large and the amount of garbage is so huge. Yes, you might not be able to clean everything, but you can at least do your part. You are not required to make magic with this act. You just have to contribute in small ways. If everyone else does the same thing, then it will be easier to achieve major results. You also have to join the organization in calling for people to stop damaging the environment. A lot of marine lives have died because of our waste materials. We will also be affected eventually when they all die.


Be prepared

If you have signed up to be a part of the team that helps clean up the waters, then be ready for it. Make sure that you wear appropriate clothing. You don’t need swimwear when you will just clean the shores. You just have to wear slippers to make it more comfortable for you. If you have to dive to the sea and pick garbage up, then you need appropriate attire. You can also wear the best watch, which is a waterproof watch. Of course, you don’t want it to be damaged when you have dived into the sea. You need to wear a watch so you will know if you are moving at a pace that is acceptable. You can hurry things up when you are slow. You will also know what time it is and if it is time for you to rest. You shouldn’t overwork. If you don’t have a watch yet but don’t have much of a budget to work with, you can find the best watches at a mid-range price.

You are doing something that is worthy. Even if it is tiring, it is fine. Even if you think no one else helps, it is fine. As long as you do your share, it is good enough.

A Few Lessons to Learn about Health after the BP Oil Spill

A Few Lessons to Learn about Health after the BP Oil SpillWe have seen the devastating effects of the BP oil spill as it started to unfold. Millions of marine lives were lost and the tragic incident has caused billions of dollars in loss. Add to that the fact that it was not contained right away. Hence, it continued to wreck havoc to people nearby and those who have been reached by the spill.

The effects were more or less permanent for many of those who were affected. Their main source of livelihood was gone. Tourism was down. The ecosystem was severely disrupted. There were tons of other effects that no longer made the headlines. Thousands of people have suffered from this. Their lives totally changed after what happened.


The recovery stage

However, despite the tragic and traumatic incident, we have found out that those who were affected did not give up. They did not allow the disaster to complete stop them from moving on with life. They became a lot stronger. They changed their ways and have proven their resilience. Most of all, they faced the challenge of staying healthy. The oil spill did not only take the lives of marine organisms, but even human beings who are nearby.

Those who were dramatically affected lives within their means. They strengthened their health watch. They sterilized everything that they put into their mouth. They vaccinated the kids. They also prepared just in case many more people will be affected in the future through poisoning and other devastating effects. Most of all, they continued staying in shape. In this tough time, they need to remain healthy. They can’t be weak since they might catch diseases right away.


Being strong

If there is one thing that we have learned from the survivors of the oil spill, it is being resilient. They showed to us that no amount of disaster can stop them from recovering and moving on with life. They might have lost a lot, but they never showed weakness. They are now recovering and are doing better in many aspects.

We have also learned that being healthy is a must. It is our main defense especially during difficult times. They showed us that when they armed themselves against possible diseases, they managed to survive. We should also do the same. We need to eat well, hit the gym and do some exercises. We need to stay away from unhealthy dishes so that when disaster strikes, we are totally prepared.

In fact, if you want to stay in shape and maintain your weight, you can use a device like the anti cellulite massager. This device helps you to be in shape all the time. It helps your skin so it won’t stretch out when you are gaining weight. It also helps solve weight related issues. Of course, you don’t want to be a heavy weight, literally, during disaster. Therefore, it pays a lot to remain in your best form. The effects might not be visible right away, but you will feel great that you have given it a try once you see the results kick in.

Local Spin Gym Fundraising for Oil Spill Recovery

Even though the BP Oil Spill was 5 years ago, marine life as well as local people are still feeling the negative effects that the oil spill left.  The ecosystem has been disrupted, as well as the tourist industry.  Most of the world has moved on to utilizing humanitarian efforts elsewhere, but we still have a need for research to be done and money to be put into testing the water and reinvigorating tourism.

The local business, Spinergy, has taken initiative to begin a fundraising effort to raise money once again that will go towards the aftereffects of the oil spill.  Spinergy is a full-fledged gym dedicated to group fitness classes all kind and are the leaders in spin bike technology and spin bike classes.

According to, they have instated a two-week long program where indoor cyclists (even non-members) can sign up for their spin classes and log their miles.  The idea is that you independently must have people sponsor you and agree to pay a certain amount of money per mile you ride on a spin bike within the two week period.  For example, the asking price is 25 cents per mile, which balances out to approximately $6-7 per class taken.  Of course, your sponsors can decide to go higher or lower than that, there is no real limit.  At the end of the two week period, Spinergy has stated they will match the donated price so that all proceeds can go straight to the Mexican Gulf Stream Water Authority, where water testing procedures are taking place to discern the full extent of damage from the oil spill.

At Spinergy, during the two-week period all spin bike classes will count towards your mileage.  That means everyone has 10 chances a day for 14 days to get down and not only get in a great workout, but raise money for a cause that is near and dear to our hearts.

We talked to one of Spinergy’s owners, John Burns, about why he and his partners decided to hold this fundraiser.  Mr. Burns stated that he had lost his previous business to the oil spill, which was a small gym dedicated to personal training.  He shared that he had a loyal clientele and business was always steady because 25% of his business was tourist based.  Once tourism flopped, it was very hard to make up for the lacking 25% and he needed to close.  Mr. Burns acknowledges that everyone in the area has in some way been affected by the oil spill, and they don’t want people to forget just yet that there isn’t more to be done.  The main goal is to raise awareness that there is still plenty of work that needs to be done to remedy the situation.

Once again, Spinergy is opening up its spin bike facilities to non-members as well for this two-week period, so it is recommended you get in touch and check out what the gym has to offer.  If you’re comfortable with a spin bike exercise, perhaps you can start to get yourself some sponsors and help to reinvigorate our community!

Tourism After the BP Oil Spill in Louisiana

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill happened on April 20, 2010. Billions of gallons of oil poured into the Gulf of Mexico off of the Louisiana coast. This tragedy did have a harmful impact on the environment and also the tourism industry.

Initially, it was estimated that it take until 2015 before recovery to tourism would even start to happen. BP Oil did provide millions of dollars of marketing money to deliver a message to the world, Louisiana is a safe place to visit. It looks like the marketing worked because here we are five years later and it seems that people are no longer really thinking about what happened in the gulf.

Tourism bounced back after the second year following the oil spill. BP Oil has been working hard to clean up the mess they made. This has resulted in the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Department continuing to open up areas previously closed to commercial and recreational fishing. Yes, now you can charter a boat to take you fishing off of the coast of Louisiana and feel safe about doing it.

Sport fishing is a big attraction on the gulf coast, but there is so much more to do in Louisiana than fish. Mardis Gras is one of the biggest holidays in Louisiana. There will be a celebration in almost every town. The big draw of Mardis Gras is in New Orleans. Millions of people crowd into the French Quarter to celebrate the last big party before Lent. This past year was no exception.

The New Orleans Jazz Festival attracts the biggest acts in the world. Hundreds of thousands of people attend on any given day during the festival. It’s an awesome way to pass a good time down in the bayou.

New Orleans has a lot of festivals, as do the other cities and towns in Louisiana. From Baton Rouge to Lafayette and even Shreveport, all host similar events. New Orleans has a Crawfish Festival. If you miss that one you can attend the CrawFete Gourmet Festival in Baton Rouge or the Mudbug Festival in Shreveport. They have different names but it is all about eating crawfish. The most Cajun crawfish festival is in Beaux Bridge Louisiana. C’est bon!

Bayou tours are a fun way to spend an afternoon. Touring the cypress laden swamps looking for Louisiana wild life, which turns out to be people speeding by on jetskis having a lot of fun. At least that is what the tour guide said. Of course there are alligators and owls to look at as well. If you are unlucky like me, you might end up trying to get rid of a bat from the guesthouse you are staying in for an extra dose of Louisiana wildlife.

Tourism is going strong in Louisiana. BP continues to clean up the remaining areas in the gulf that require it. Meanwhile it is safe to rent a charter to go catch a bunch of Red Snapper. Then when you get back to shore you will find many recipes on the preparation of Red Snapper into something delicious. You don’t have to go fishing to enjoy all the music and arts and culture that Louisiana has to offer, but it is good to have options. No?